The EU White Paper on Sport states that “The specific needs and situation of underrepresented groups need to be addressed, and the special role that sport can play for young people, people with disabilities and people from less privileged backgrounds must be taken into account.”

Outdoor sports can create inspirational opportunities for people with disabilities. This evidence was shown during the Erasmus + project “Watersports Enhanced Together” project facilitated by ENOS through the inclusive surfing that the Surf Clube De Viana organised. This theme will provide opportunities to explore, in practical ways, how we can included people with disabilities, people from socio-economically disadvantaged communities and for girls and women.

Topics to be discuss:

  • Examples of how to effectively engage and manage PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES in outdoor sports.
  • How to provide opportunities and to encourage people from SOCIO ECONOMICAL DISADVANTAGED communities to participate regularly in outdoor sports?
  • How to ensure that the programmes that are offered by clubs and federations are INCLUSIVE and do not disadvantage any communities?
  • Research and practical examples of how and why outdoor sports are EFFECTIVE in the delivery of inclusion projects.