The EU Special Barometer 472 on Sport and Physical Activity was published in March 2018 and highlighted that 40% of respondents indicated that they chose to do physical activities in parks or outdoors. Historically outdoor sports tend to focus on “wild or semi-wild” areas in rural locations. However, there are great opportunities to make better use of our urban green and blue spaces to increase physical activity. This theme will explore more about how we can develop outdoor activities in cities and look at what can be done to deliver more in this area.

Topics to be discuss:

  • How can URBAN SPACES be developed effectively for outdoor sports and which sports are best suited for an urban environment?
  • The development of PLANNING and POLICIES in order to develop active urban outdoor activities
  • How can outdoor sports be used as part of ACTIVE TRAVEL and plans of commuting?
  • Examples of INVESTMENTS AND INITIATIVES that have enhanced Health 
  • Physical Activity through outdoor sports in urban settings