The EU “Blue Growth” strategy is an initiative of the European Commission to use the potential of the sea and coasts in Europe for jobs, value and sustainability.

The strategy aims to support long-term sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors, recognising the importance of the sea and oceans as a motor of the European economy to reach great potential for innovation and growth. One of the 5 key focuses is coastal and maritime tourism. Coastal and maritime tourism are the main activities in Europe and closely linked to many other parts of the economy. It employs almost 3.2 million people, generating a total of 183€ billion in gross value added and representing over one third of the maritime economy. This theme will focus on the importance of maritime activities in supporting this economic growth but also the role they can play in meeting education and health needs of coastal communities.

Topics to be discuss:

  • Examples of how and where outdoor sports can be included within the PLANNING. Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Zone Management planning are requirements for member states under EU directives.
  • Examples of the strategic DEVELOPMENT, MANAGEMENT AND PROMOTION of outdoor sports opportunities within coastal communities and regional authorities.
  • How can we WORK in a cooperative way to ensure an EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT in order to increase the demand for coastal recreation and tourism , which can be combined with the protection of the marine environment and wildlife?
  • Examples about how it can be ensured that cognisance is taken within the NAUTICAL INDUSTRY and its importance of the outdoor sector.